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Plumbers & Pipefitters

Apprenticeship: Five years

Plumbers and Pipefitters install piping systems needed for sanitation and industrial production to transport water, steam, air or other liquids and gasses. They also repair existing pipe systems and install plumbing fixtures, appliances, heating units and refrigeration units.
Primary duties for plumbers include:

  • Installing pipes for water, gas, sewage and draining systems, particularly those connected to public utility systems.
  • Install sanitary facilities such as lavatories, toilets, bathtubs, bathroom fixtures, showers, kitchen fixtures, drinking fountains and laundry equipment.

Primary duties for steamfitters include:

  • Assemble, install and maintain pipes to carry water, steam, air, gasses and fluids needed for processing, manufacturing, heating, cooling and refrigeration for industrial and commercial buildings.


  • At least 18 years of age
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Physically capable for nature of work
  • Must obtain a National Career Readiness Certificate of silver or higher
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Successfully pass a drug screen
  • $50.00 State Apprentice License Fee

Apprenticeship Training

An apprenticeship in pipe trades is highly selective. The training process varies based on the applicant’s qualifications and labor force necessary for the trade. Applicants are encouraged to attend a registered pre-apprenticeship program that follows the multi-craft core curriculum.

The typical apprenticeship program is five years long and consists of at least 10,000 hours of on-site and classroom style training on mathematics and use of tools and maintenance. General shop and work practices such as safety are also reviewed.

A week of daytime classes are attended six times per year, during which apprentices receive unemployment or a small stipend. Upon completion of an apprenticeship, apprentices will have a required state license and all the necessary tools to perform at a Journeyman level. All of this is earned for the cost of books. In 2019 this cost was $150.00 – $250.00 per year.

Earn While You Learn

Built by Pros is a pipeline to the skilled trades workforce. We provide registered apprenticeships for long-term careers with competitive salary, benefits, and no student debt. In our program, you will work with Union professionals and certified instructors and enjoy these rewards:

  • Paychecks and benefits
  • Hands-on career training
  • Debt-free education
  • National industry certification
  • Pathway to a rewarding and successful career

For more information or to apply for this apprenticeship program contact:

Plumbers and Pipefitters Local #125


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