Built By Pros

Built By Pros


A skilled professional workforce with competitive salaries in a thriving commercial construction sector.


We are the thousands of women and men who work for the signatory contractors, suppliers, and skilled trade building industry in our regions.

Skilled Trade Unions

Are you looking for a Skilled Union to work with? Built by Pros has various recommendations in the Des Moines and Ames Areas that service a majority of Central Iowa.

General Contractors

Skilled and trained general contractors are hard to come by – especially those with the backing of a 15,000 organization such as Built by Pros. Look for a General Contractor in Central Iowa to complete your job.

Earthmoving Contractros

From groundbreaking excavations to intricate grading and site preparation, our contractors deliver results that stand as a testament to both union-backed values and unparalleled craftsmanship. Trust in the union commitment to excellence with the expertise of our earthmoving contractors.

Electrical Contractors

The Electrical Contractors of Built by Pros can help you with any of your electrical power needs, such as lighting, communications, and building wiring. Work with the best Central Iowa has to offer by choosing a Built by Pro’s electrical contractor.

Masonry Contractors

From constructing robust structures to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of smaller spaces, these skilled professionals bring a blend of precision and creativity to every project. Trust in the union partnership that drives excellence, and let your projects flourish with the touch of skilled masonry craftsmanship.

Structural & Reinforcing Steel Contractors

Find a structural contractor or a reinforcing steel contract that has been vetted through the Built by Pros community. With some of the top companies in Central Iowa, you’ll find the perfect structural…

Plumbing, HVAC & Pipe Fitting Contractors

Choose a company that provides the best plumbing services and HVAC services. Working with a large hospital size building is completely different than designing a plumbing or HVAC infrastructure for a home.

Specialty Contractors

The world of contracting and building is extremely vast. If you need an acoustical contractor, a drywall specialist, an excavator, or a concrete specialist, you’ll find one in our extensive Built by Pros network.

Painting & Drywall Contractors

Embark on a journey of excellence with union-affiliated painting and drywall contractors. Elevate spaces with the expertise of union-backed professionals, ensuring that your projects not only meet but exceed the highest standards of quality and integrity.


Built by Pros is your pipeline to the skilled trades work force and we’ve got all the bases covered. Learn about the local trades in Central Iowa.


Covering Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Dubuque and the rest of Eastern Iowa – we’re here to support our communities and grow the economy.


We are a group of unions, firms, and professionals living and working in Central & Eastern Iowa.


Ready to learn more about working and building with us? Reach out today!