There’s a reason why more than 250 Eastern Iowa firms are a part of The Building Pros, and a reason why so many people enter union apprenticeships and other employment programs:

High skills = High wages.

  • The Building Pros are trained and highly skilled.
  • We are your friends and neighbors, and a part of your community.
  • We are trained to create a safe working environment.
  • Unions and their contractors provide continuing education and training related to the fast-changing skills and equipment.
  • National research shows that union worksites are 17% more productive and union labor is 24% more productive than their non-union counterparts.
  • Nearly 3 out of every 4 apprentices come from union programs.
  • All unions and their contractor partners are part of a drug-free work environment.

In short, building industry unions and their signatory contractors and sub-contractors mean that:

  • Generally fewer hours are needed to perform project work.
  • Building sites are safer.
  • The highest quality supervision is present.
  • Jobs done right the first time reduce further maintenance costs.
  • Costs are budgeted accurately up front.

The Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Building Trades Council recently released wage and benefit information for the many skilled trades that are key to commercial construction in Eastern Iowa.  See the results for yourself on the second page of our brochure.